The Halton Community Benefits Network acts as a catalyst for change with an aim to move forward, providing a platform to gain more market experience by encouraging organizations to launch Community Benefits Agreements in the Halton Region that lead to sustainable economic & social opportunity for everyone.

To accomplish this, we offer a range of public and in-house education opportunities, social media conversation, on line resources and a tool kit.


As a concept, Community Benefits Agreements are negotiated between public and private sector organizations in endeavors such as the public procurement of goods and services, or the development of infrastructure projects - a way to leverage money that governments have already committed to spend in order to gain benefits for the community.

With this process, these agreements also engage input from a coalition of community organizations and citizen groups, which include chambers of commerce, labour unions, non-profit service agencies and faith based groups. A global term of reference most specifically used to describe practices in the public procurement of goods and services is Social Procurement.


In Canada and globally, other economic regions have over time, successfully adopted Community Benefits Agreements, which have demonstrated the potential to make tax dollars work better. At the same time, it has shown to create opportunities, lead to new or better jobs, apprenticeships, retraining for skills in demand and growth for local businesses - and ultimately, to advance social good and help reduce poverty.

Though a wide understanding and subsequent adoption of Community Benefits Agreements may not be an overnight success, we do have the advantage of learning from others that the results of these initiatives will add value - sustaining cost efficiency while addressing the emerging needs of the Halton Region.


The Halton Community Benefits Network is a multi-sectoral collaborative network working together towards fostering awareness and action in the development of Community Benefits Agreements. We are engaged in research and consultation with the initial goal of educating and engaging community partners to adopt Community Benefits Agreements that can lead to change the way our economic region does business and thus benefit its citizens with fuller employment opportunities and inclusive social well-being.

Contributing Participants in this network include: