Research Reports

There is a growing body of research that is documenting the impact of social procurement policy initiatives and community benefits agreements. This section profiles an array of reports and studies completed to demonstrate the growing impact of these types of initiatives.

Making Community Benefits a Reality in Ontario, Atkinson Foundation, 2016

Community Benefits in Practice and Policy: Lessons from the United States and the United Kingdom, Dina Graser, Atkinson Foundation, 2016

Community Benefits and Social Procurement Policies: A Jurisdictional Review, Atkinson Foundation, Mowat Centre Nevena Dragicevic and Sara Ditta, 2016

The Prosperous Province: Strategies for Building Community Wealth – Community Benefits Agreements, Mowat Centre/Atkinson Foundation

Provincial Bill 6 Approved Infrastructure Legislation now Includes Community Benefits

Bill 6

City of Toronto: Social Procurement Program

Canadian Centre for Policy Analysis: Buying social: Same price, twice the value for communities

Supply Chains Should Add Value

Buying Local: Tools for Forward-Thinking Institutions

Social Procurement The Olympic, Commonwealth & Pan Am Games, and the growing case for Social Procurement Policy in Canada, Sandra Hamilton, 2014

Advancing Community Health Through Community Benefits Agreements: Four Case Studies and Lessons for the Redevelopment of the Oakland Army Base, Moore and Nettles, 2010

Community Benefits Agreements: Making Development Projects Accountable, Good Jobs First and California Partnership for Working Families, 2005

Community Benefits in Social Procurement, The Scottish Government, 2008

Community Benefits Clauses – Frequently Asked Questions, The Scottish Government, 2013

Insights into Social Procurement: From Policy to Practice, 2015, Social Procurement Australasia